My first time in Hong Kong with my family was an interesting experience. We actually all didn't care for the people during our entire time there. I think it's a cool and lively city with lots of things to do, but the rudeness of the people definitely took away from the experience. It was my first time riding first class on Cathay Pacific, and oh man, it was amazing! I think thus far that is the best first class ride I've taken. We stayed at the Sheraton Hotel, which is right next door to the famous Peninsula Hotel. It's a great hotel that I stayed in and the location is even better!

Our first stop of the day was Victoria Peak, where you got to take a steep tram up the mountain to get some cool views of the city. I'm not a big fan of city views, so the steep tram ride up was the better part of the experience for me. Another thing they say to do (which we did) is to check out Victoria Harbour. You would take the cheap Star Ferry from one end to the other, and I thought this gave a much better view of the city than what Victoria Peak offered.

Even with our short four day trip in Hong Kong, I made it a point to stop by Sam's Tailor to get a suit for my dad and I. This was my Christmas gift to him, but it also was a perfect excuse to get a suit for myself as well. And surprisingly, I got a really amazing tailored suit out of it! I recommend going there the first day you arrive to get yourself measured out. You can pick out the materials and style of your suit, with lots of high end fabrics being available. The suit I got is made from the same fabric that Tom Ford would use on their suits, but at a fraction of the price! Plus, Sam's is known for making suits for celebrities and diplomats. And I can see why after trying on my suit. You would probably need to stop in one more time during your trip for final fittings, and after they're done, they would deliver the final product to your hotel. I plan to come back again in the future to try out the other tailor shops listed on the 1,000 List!

Before we headed to Korea for the last leg of our family trip, we wanted to make a stop in Macau (the Asian version of Las Vegas). I think Macau is definitely a bigger place than Vegas, but the hotels are so spread apart that it's not pedestrian friendly. We had to literally take shuttles from hotel to hotel for us to get around. And some hotel shuttles were limited to where they can go, so there would be several transfers we had to take before getting to our own hotel. And the minimum bets in Macau are ridiculously high! Just imagine minimum bets at the High Limit tables in Vegas as Macau's normal minimum. Even though I call it the Asian Version of Las Vegas, don't expect it to be the same though. In Macau, the focus is on the gambling. Whereas in Vegas, it's all about food, entertainment, and clubbing.

The one thing I enjoyed the most in Hong Kong and Macau were the fashion sales at high end luxury stores! You rarely see Gucci, Saint Laurent, or Burberry having sales at their stores in the US, but in Hong Kong and Macau they do! If I had more room in my carry-on, I would have bought a ton of stuff to take back with me. So if you end up going during the holiday season (Christmas/New Years), be sure to pack light so that you can bring back all those discounted goods!