When you have a place on the 1,000 list that has free entry, you take advantage of it! There are so many museums on this 1,000 List to experience, it is very easy for me to compare it to other museums I have been to. Let's start off by saying that this Shanghai Museum is a couple stories tall and fairly secluded from other sites. If you are looking to do something cultural for free, then I would definitely recommend this. And to be honest, there really isn't THAT much to see in Shanghai so you can easily cross this off the list. My family and I spent maybe about an hour or so there and we had lunch at the adjacent restaurant too. If you go deeper into the restaurant, there is an additional cafeteria-style restaurant where you can pick and choose the food you want to eat. Overall, it's just another regular museum that has no special touches to it. I do admit that it did have some cool artifacts in some of the exhibits, and you can be up close and personal with them so you're able see all the intrinsic details. However, it's no comparison to other museums I've been to throughout the world (ie. the Louvre or Getty).