So in the last 7 years, my family and I have tried to make an effort to have end-of-the-year holiday trips together. Now that we've gotten older, it's been getting harder and harder to schedule trips together. But we can always look back on these initial trips and count our blessings that we had the opportunity to do so. One of those trips was to visit Miami for a little bit then take a short Bahama cruise. We decided to do a short 4 day cruise since we weren't sure if my parents would be able to handle being on a boat for so long. However, they ended up loving it! Now they talk about cruising all the time.

Anyways, the focus of this posting was about crabs! Haha. More on the family trips later! So Joe's stone crab is kind of famous? I don't know, but I was willing to cross it off my list. I think it's a nice restaurant to go with family but I'm not much of a seafood guy. And using my hands to eat food is definitely not my thing either. But I tried a few crab legs for the experience and I thought it ok. It wasn't the most amazing crab legs I've had, but mentally it was interesting to know that I ate stone crabs. It did feel like fine dining in a way with the waiters all dressed up, but nice that you can dress more on the casual side at this joint. Maybe I would have liked the experience more if the crab meat was already out and that I didn't have to crack through the shell to eat them. I don't know, but I would still say to come just for the experience.