For some months out of the year, I have the luxury of living in a new US city for a few months at a time cause of work. One of those cities I got to live in was Las Vegas...Downtown Las Vegas to be exact. Now, there is a stark difference between the two area's: one being all about luxury and glamour, while the other is more modest and old school. Since there is nothing on the list that pertains to Downtown Vegas, I'll be solely focusing on the Strip. However, I think it's definitely worth a visit to Downtown if you have time. The List does mention the Chapel of the Flowers, and the rows of Strip chapels available for people to wed, but that was it in regards to Downtown.

Now, I don't even know where to start when explaining Las Vegas to you! How about all the entertainment that's available on the Strip? I've recently been able to see Britney Spears live and it was amazing. Yes, she dances and sings like a robot. But, she's also iconic enough that I didn't care. How could she not be on the 1,000 list?! Well, it's cause the Cirque Du Soleil shows are. And I've seen aplenty: Zumanity, Michael Jackson One, & Criss Angel Mindfreak. The one other Cirque show I'm aiming to see is "O", but that's about it. After that, I'd be OK with not seeing another Cirque show again.

Another reason people go to Vegas is for the food! There are so many restaurants there, from all over the world! Back in the day it was all about the buffet's. Now, it's all about famously branded chefs or restaurant chains or gimmicky restaurants. Although The Buffet at the Wynn is on the list, I can't really say its the best one out there. I personally like the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars or the World Carnival at Rio. Even having dinner at Picasso was not as memorable as you would think. I can't even say if I enjoyed the meal or not...but if you do go, you should request in advance a table by the windows so you can see the Bellagio fountain as you dine. We were seated much further in so we didn't get to have any outside view.

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