I must say, I was a bit skeptical of trying to accomplish the task of seeing all these museums in one short weekend. But I did it! Would I say it was the best experience in my life? No. But I did feel more cultured and aware of art afterwards. I felt sophisticated, even if it was for only a day or two.

Out of the 3 museums recommended on the list, I would say the Museum of Fine Arts Houston stood out the most. There was a lot to see and it kept my attention for a good amount of time. The art was colorful and varied compared to the rest of Houston's museum offerings. They also have special exhibits available for an additional cost, so it felt like that they update their exhibits often enough to entice repeat visitors to come back.

The Menil Collection would be my second pick since there wasn't as much artwork or exhibits as MFAH. But there was a sophistication to the art gallery that MFAH did not have, where MFAH felt more like a cookie cutter museum. The museum is also oddly placed in a residential neighborhood, so there's nothing around except people's homes.

The last "museum" I visited that weekend was the Orange Show, or part of, which was mostly known for the Beer Can House. The Orange Show consists of four standalone exhibits that are spread apart from each other. The Beer Can House, which is the exhibit I visited, is basically an exhibit of someone's house that contains household items that are made from beer cans and beer bottles. You should think of it as an old quirky man finding interesting ways of using old goods (ie. beer cans, glass bottles) as construction materials for things around the house (ie. curtains, tiles, wind chimes). There's also a $5 admission fee that comes with viewing the inside of the house, which to be honest, isn't really worth it. I would recommend just taking pictures of the house exterior and roaming the backyard for a little bit before heading out.

Sorry Houston, overall, the places on your list were just okay.